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The blogging environment is broadening each day.Being able to keep up with the burning heat needs perseverance and mentoring. This 20 lists of blogs to follow which inspired me to start blogging have made me to really keep up with blogging since the day I started running onsiteincome and they still motivate me with the tips, tricks, ideas among others.

This post targets to giving inspiration to keep blogging and searching and sharing more ideas with the world.

Here is the 20 Blogs To Follow For New Bloggers Which Inspired Me To Start Blogging


Founder- Brian Clark

You don’t have to be an expert to write great posts. All you need to know is that there are sites out there which can offer you the best knowledge available in producing great posts among them being copyblogger. Copyblogger’s e-book How to Create Compelling Content that Ranks Well in Search Engines teaches you the best tips on how content creation is done to rank in search engines. Recently I tried implementing this tips in my site and surely its working in driving readers to my site and keeps them returning each an every now and the for more.

Remember content is a repetition it’s only the way its presented that has changed”

So if you haven’t then started blogging and have a good idea then you can follow my example on How I Started Onsiteincome and How You Too Can Start a Blog.this will give you an hint on how I started blogging. This is mainly for those who have an idea on what to blog about and if you don’t know which niche you can blog about then

10 Ways To Choosing A Good Niche For Your Blog To Earn You Money is a good post to read on niche selection that will drive you to making a decision. That said you are good to go and implement the steps.


Founder- Syed Balkhi

My start with Wpbegginer was a whole great happy moments in my blogging time. If you are a newbie to blogging then you will understand why I say so with the few times you will spend with the site. You get to learn how those plugins, softwares and ebooks are all a source of money streaming to their blog.

Your blog needs a plugin to do other things which the theme designer didn’t add but a caution too many plugins will slow your site and also wrongly selected ones will cause this also,Check the 10 Things To look For In selecting Free WordPress Plugins and Avoid Back Doors. Will assist you in choosing a good plugin but this is not limited to this only because there is also need to improve a blog readership ability so I compiled some ways in the ways to Improve Blog Usability With These 10 Ways By implementing this tricks and the wpbeginners 7 Must Have Social Media Plugins and Tools for Bloggers you will be able to see your blogs design improve from being stuck to being social, from being vulnerable to being a more secure site with just but few tricks.


Founder-Michael Dunlop

Learning to make money online from choosing a make money affiliate and product creation funnel is a bulky task but online income as I write this post make over 5000 dollars per mont through their own product popupdomination. The plugin to grow your mailing list and start drivig traffic to your site.This has been made possible through list creation techniques and direct interview posts.

You may be wondering why I am recommending this site. The fact is it made its first 300,000 visitors on the first day with writing a list post and has been also behind why I am writing a list post

You can check on this sample list posts I have written so far.

10 Ways To Choosing A Good Niche For Your Blog To Earn You Money.
10 Tips to Increase Your New Blog Traffic
Top 10 Influential Kenyan Bloggers
Improve Blog Usability With These 10 Ways
10 Sure Ways On How To Make Money Blogging

Incomediary has really made a lot in motivating me to create my own product and make money from them something of which I am really trying to implement.


Founder-Matt Mickiewicz

Having made up your mind to go into blogging that meant that you were to create something of value something many readers would want to read and share with others, but wait a minute you just can’t share it on a piece of packaging which is not as much appealing,with site point you get the most out of your blog design ranging from header to footer.

SitePoint provides cutting-edge content for web professionals;developers, designers, programmers, freelancers and site owners.

Their mission is to deliver new ideas, emerging concepts, and teaches state-of-the-art technology to their readers via practical tutorials, books, articles, courses, online learning platform Learnable, if it’s got anything to do with building the web they have you covered.


Founder-Matt Mullenweg

Which platform do you use when running your blog?

WordPress has been found to be a best platform being used by top earning blogs the likes of smartpassiveincome,incomediary,problogger and copyblogger among the few.

With fewer users than you can count on your fingers and toes but not now. Since wordpress has grown to be the largest self-hosted blogging tool in the world, used on millions of sites and seen by tens of millions of people every day. Being able to master wordpress will ready assist you in proper documentation of your site on how it operates and minimizing the costs of outsourcing other things which you yourself would be able to handle through their support forum here.



Founder-Mark Ghosh

You want the latest in the what took place in terms of blogging news and releases.Then to me as a new bee blogger this has been the best site I could get the most out of it Weblogtoolscollection.You get the best on the latest themes and coding language the html and css.Plugin news and wordpress news here.You don’t have to go anywhere else weblogtoolscollection is the place to be.Your blog should lot lag behind it has to be catching up a the other blogs and maintain traffic.

If you have been blogging  about a lot of things does disrupting your niche the you need to revisit the 10 Ways To Choosing A Good Niche For Your Blog To Earn You Money and retrace where you may have lost your niche to.



Founder-Rob Benwell

You want to blog to the bank?

Well Rob Benwell promises you that through the blog Robbenwell,blogging to the bank With his blogs you get a showcase of a lovely blog design and the best tips on marketing your blog to drive in traffic and making that money you have always wanted and how to achieve it. This will keep you going and not loosing hop easily hope since blogging is a really consuming task and needs patience.

In his about page you get this…

“I am you Manchester based Entrepreneur who specializes in Internet Marketing and digital services, including marketing software and WordPress the online publishing platform…”

This really encourages you to get his tips to marketing and applying his tips now and then get you to blogging your way to the bank now.



You have just finished creating a hosting account and installing wordpress to your site but lack that great blog designed theme worry no more because even with the little amount of money you are able to get  a great blog theme and plugin with Wpexplorer. Wpexplorer gives you a chance to spend little with a great blog design and plugins through coupons.

Check out and get a coupon at Wpexplorer coupons.

Choosing a theme for your blog must not be a taunting task in onsiteincome we have compiled a post on 10 Places to Find a Classic Premium WordPress Themes for Your Blog and also the tips to look out for when choosing that wordpress plugin  on the 10 Things To look For In selecting Free WordPress Plugins and Avoid Back Doors.



Founder-Darren Rowse

With bloging on the rise you need to always want to know that tips and how things are done are changing each day,What you used in millennium can no longer be used in the year 2015.

Blogging has been found to be a highly changing course in the ways bloggers, readers and technological trends are changing compared to other years.Problogger takes you from the first instant you purchase the domain name of you site to the moment you start going to withdraw the cash from your bank.

If you don’t know how to start a blog and would like to start one check out the How I Started Onsiteincome and How You Too Can Start a Blog.



Founder-Syed Balkhi

Imagine having the power to turn your website visitors into subscribers and customers. OptinMonster enables you to create professionally designed optin forms without writing a single line of code in 60 seconds flat. Target specific pages, categories or even specific user behavior. Use A/B testing to get the maximum benefits.


Founder-Derek Halpern

Social Triggers is a thriving (and fast growing) community of entrepreneurs and executives who want to become more successful, more productive, more persuasive and much much more.

There are three main features of Social Triggers. There’s the blog, the podcast, and the web tv show. Talking of social triggers the blog you get the tips on the ways to drive more traffic to your site and making your site engaging. An engaging blog will keep your reader always turning back to see what is new in your blog today.


Founder- Patt Flynn

Making money online is a hard task and it needs time and patience, quality content creation alone is not enough to make you money with that blog in involves other phases such as aggressive marketing and digital content creations for sale.

“At least sale something, podcast, e-book, app, plugin among others.” This is the best thing I can advise you to do.

Smartpassiveincome by patt flynn is the best site to teach you the things you need to be doinhg to drive money from your blog to your wallet.This is mainly so hopping that you are already blogging and not then do so and you can get the tips on this by lookin on How I Started Onsiteincome and How You Too Can Start a Blog. You will also realize that you need a good theme and I have compiled you some site to get premium wordpress themes on this post here 10 Places to Find Classic Premium WordPress Themes for Your Blog


Founder-Brian Moran

Driving traffic through facebook has been found to be a well target trend recently but if you have never known then facebook trafficking is so much good when you pitch in a new product because you get a chance to show casing your product to the correct consumers because before a person likes a blog fan page he/she must have seen something to expect for from the blog.

Chances are that if you’re reading this you’re where I was six months ago. You’re reading the story of someone who’s only a few steps ahead and truthfully it won’t take much for you to get where you want to be with facebook marketing.

Get to Like Us at Facebook by clicking this link Facebook/onsiteincome and we share more there.


Founder- Matt Smith

The jack of all trades this is what the site is all about if you have the guts to broaden your niche then you have the hardest time keeping up. Online income teacher makes to keep track of all this but I won’t advice a new blogger to going for it this way.

15. Standoutblogger

Founder-Thomas Sinfield.

Are you running a niche website checkout this blog the standoutblogger and you will realize the meaning of running a niche blog and making money from it.The timing of when to post,promote,comment and even sale are shown from this site for example this post on How To Create A Facebook Page from stand out blogger and the 10 Ways to Building Effective Landing Pages.



Founder-Ruhul Amin

Tips and Tricks HQ – a blog that publishes practical and useful articles for web developers, product sellers, WordPress admins and web masters.

This blog provides tech tips,blogging tips,admin tips,inspiration,tweaks,plugin tips and technical tips among the few.As a new bie this is a good blog to follow and get the best hints and product promotion systems. In onsiteincome we have some tips for example the 10 Tips to Increase Your New Blog Traffic among others.


Founder- Susan Gunelius

From starting a blog to monetizing,weblogs.about drives you the way always keeping a novice blogger all the way to the day they start earning money,She acts as an inspiration for women bloggers out there that they really can make money blogging. Have you already progressed in your blog and already wanting to get the tips on how to make money with your blog then 10 Sure Ways On How To Make Money Blogging is the way for you to getting those tips on the ways to monetize your blog.


Founders-Corbett Barr,Chase Reeves and Caleb Wojcik

They have branded themselves to helping people make their thing online. You want to do great work; work you care about, work that supports your family, work that contributes something meaningful to the world. They like doing that stuff. They create products and publications to serve the indie entrepreneur on the journey to creating something they care about. With them you can grow your blog to an empire.

According to Brad Zomick of he terms fizzle as a A Thriving Community and Great Place to Learn Web Entrepreneurship on his review of fizzle



Founders-Rand Fishkin,

There is nothing as much as good as having traffic to your blog.This is where Moz comes in with the tool Seomoz coming to your rescue.

If you don’t know traffic are reader and they must always come back since they find your blog and new visitors coming each an evey now and then.This can only be made possible only through having a good keyword on your site.In onsiteincome I use free keyword tool known as Semrush and Seomoz to finding the amount of keywords used in my blog.

If you didn’t know how to drive traffic to your blog the 10 Tips to Increase Your New Blog Traffic will guide you on how to drive traffic there.


Founder-Michelle Kulp

You may be wondering how this blog/site came to be among the list but Kudos to all women out there who think they have lost everything and see no need to start over again but this woman Michelle Kulp did it,started over again and became a writer com blogger.We always start things half way and end up stopping since it requires a lot of time and energy but with passion and perseverance we can keep the fire burning.

Michelle Kulp has been teaching people on how to drive visitors to their website through e-mail list though I think unknowingly at the same time inspiring women that they can make money online.If you think you cant make money online or start a blog then look at How I Started Onsiteincome and How You Too Can Start a Blog.


I  hope you enjoy every post I release. I would love to hear from you and get any feedback you might have. You can usually find me using either our fan page wall, the comments feature on our posts, or our contact page here on the website.Feell freee to comment and share follow onsiteincome at facebook here and on twitter at here

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